It´s the small goals that makes the difference!

Yesterday I had a wonderful morning session all by myself. The PR´s was raining in and it felt so great and I was in good mood!

I sometimes write down my goals and sometime I just keep them in my head! One that I had in my mind for a long time is that I during one workout session would break the 100kg – magical barrier in two types of lifting! And finally, yesterday it just was there!

Started with 8 sets of 2 reps clean:
80,85,90,92,5,95,97,5,100,102,5kg. Oh my, i broke my PR with 2,5kg and I did it twice! And I squat cleaned it! What a feeling!
This is a video of my clean from yesterday and the other one from when I started out 1.5 years ago. Progress!

Then we had the squats:
4 resp @ 112,5 kg
3 reps @ 120 kg
2 reps @ 127,5 kg
1 rep @ 135 kg
As many reps as possible @ 120kg managed to do 11 reps. (PR)

4 round of:
15 chest to bar
20 jump over box
25 Kettle bell swing @ 25 kg.
First round I did 15 chest to bar unbroken (PR)
And then i split them into 10/5.

Finished my day with working on the clinic and had some patient, followed up with a pulse and strength class!
Rest day today, maybe some water gymnastic or swimming?

// P

I survived a cold!!

For once in life, I listened to my body when I during Friday had some kind of weird feeling in my nose.I rested from working out Friday and then on Saturday I felt the same so I rest that day to. Today after a wonderful day with just hanging out with an old friend I feel really good and in good mode to go all in next week! I haven’t done like this before, I ALWAYS workout! But this feels really good! So bring it on the Invictus programing!!

Oh, I missed my dear friend Ervin (Tone). Always something to talk about. But it´s a sad moment when you are saying goodby and say: see you in a half year? 🙁 Sad, but true… I love you!


I was looking on at an apartment in Karlskrona today, and I really hope that we can get this one! I really hope so!!

So much fun, and I miss to hang hanging out with my friends and boyfriend! But now, it looks likes everything is coming together.

Hope you had a nice Sunday!

// P  

How to become a bitch!

I’m on a bus. Hallelujah. I have some time over to write and to be mad.

This post is about how it is to be a girl/woman working out, the short version.

Do you know how much it sometimes hurts to do burpees with swollen breasts? Do you know where I have bruises? You know that hip that is supposed to hit the barbell? When the hipbone doesn’t take that hit there is another part of my body that does. And the burpees? Throw yourself down on the ground with a body full of girly hormones and it feels like you will explode.

I’m getting filled up with water, have a stomach that doesn’t want to play game. And try to do 100 chest to bars when you weight in 2 days increased with 3kg.

This is me, on a rest day, on my way to work with a PMS you don’t want to meet alone when it doesn’t go my way so please don’t no rep me today!IMG_0752

Have a great day!

// P


Snatch thoughts…

I hate that fucking snatch lifting thing. I hate it so much that i sometimes want to throw the barbell out of the window, out of my life… naaaa, that was a lie! But today!

Todays workout (Monday):
Every minute of the minute 1 snatch start below knee.
went from 35-55kg.
Snatch-pull 60-60-62,5kg
Front squat with a speed of 4 seconds down. 5 sets * 4 reps. 85kg.
For time:
6 Muscle-Ups
12 Power Cleans 105 lb
16 Front Squats 105 lb
20 Alternating Dumbell Snatches 50 lb
16 Front Squats 105 lb.
12 Power Cleans 105 lb
6 Muscle-Ups
total time: 8:15.

I PR’d my unbroken MU with 6 reps in a row, that is something to be happy about. But that fucking snatch is still in my head and I can’t understand, WHY do i I suck at this lift. oh, mad at myself. But ok, I will keep on working.

It’s 39 days until Frontline, that will be fun!

I will dream about heavy snatch lifting tonight!

Say it, see it, think it, dream it prove it!

/ P

Lazy days!

No paleo start. Haha. After I decided to go Paleo for one month I realized that I had one week of vacation from work! And my mum celebrated her birthday, and I was going to spend one week camping without any big grocery store near. Ok, the list of excuses can be long. I will start when I’m coming home! I have been in Kalmar working out this week! Really good workouts and that’s just great! The invictus programming is still a lot of strength and I wonder if I will step up my game and add two extra workouts a week. Maybe?

Today it’s rest day. Went for a 6km run and felt great!


Sports and stuff

It’s not over until it’s done. My Paleo challenge starts today. My eating list will come up tonight.

In Crossfit people often discuss what kind of sports they were in to before. So here is my list from the start.

hated to sport as a child, my mum often tried to trick me in to walk with them or bicycle. But no… I was rather home and when my mum and dad left I start to eating cookies staring out of the window to see when they came back! Haha.. I was a lazy child!

​But ok, I started to play football, wanted to be a goal keeper so I didn’t have to run. But my mum had an opinion on that so that wasn’t a long career. I started to play more out on the field. Maybe at the same time I had to get my frustration out so I started to practice airgun shooting. Yes, that was fun – sitting down on a chair focused! Football started to be fun as well and I was good. I ran fast and after a while I started track and field. So track and field and football was my thing for a long time. I tried handball, basketball (not my thing), Dancing (no coordination), karate (mum thought they had good discipline). For a short while I was dancing and competed in wheelchair dancing, that was fun and a real experience. And then I did a short period of power lifting, I liked it but I got so stressed with the weigh in so I figured out that a classy gym is more of a thing for me! 2 years later I found Crossfit. And that story I can tell you another time.

My mum is wonderful 🙂 and she often reminds me of my non-working out time when I now days turn the house up side down if the gym is closed!

// P

90% Paleo 10% princess cake!

For me going Paleo. Ok, I have tried it before and I liked it. It works, but all I ate was eggs and eggs and some nuts just to get some energy. But after a lot of cake (lovely cake) I’ve considered to go Paleo for one month. Oh my, I just have to figure out how I can survive without a cottage cheese breakfast?

Fill me in on some Paleo bloging, I’m up for a new challenge! And I know Paleo cakes are amazing, but I need to eat real food – for some real muscles!


I have a feeling…

Is it true? I have a teaser…

Did I see a super great garage location with just pure concrete and a lot´s of ideas and possibilities? No machines just results – and pure love!

And then I´m coming home to see how a person put some words to my feelings about all this! The text is in Swedish. And then I watched some of the episodes from killing the fat man! Truly inspirational and I think he is a person that most people can recognize themselves with! I actually met and spoke to him at regionals this year and didn’t recognize him :). Great to see how Crossfit can change people and their lives! It´s Saturday and soon workout time with my brother and Chris!

Todays metcon:

Five sets for times of: Run 400 meters 12 Handstand Push-Ups 16 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups 20 Kettlebell Swings (32/24 kg) Rest 4 minutes Patricia Rygg Time to get dirty / P

Battle of the beach.

(Forgot to post this one)
New week and it´s Monday! 🙂 I´m not that as enthusiastic as it sounds, it´s Monday and I´m tired. Haha! Had a great weekend in Helsingborg together with the Northernspirit gang! The Battle of the Beach was a great beach competition and the sun was with us all day! I met up with Anna on Saturday morning and we got the first WOD.

12 min AMRAP of:
12 front squat
9 burpees in the sand
6 shoulder to overhead.
I think the weight on the bar was 30 or 35 kg?
We each do one lap and then rest while the other person goes! Nice WOD and you can lower your pulse when resting!

Second WOD was:
Run down to the beach and around a marker in the water 5m out and back.
40 OHS
40 box jump
Run down to the beach and around a marker in the water 5m out and back.
30 OHS
30 box jump
Run down to the beach and around a marker in the water 5m out and back.
20 OHS
20 box jump
Run down to the beach and around a marker in the water 5m out and back.

Best WOD – nice to play in the water!

Third WOD:
One person is holding a kettlebell the other one is working on
50 back squat
50 goblet squat (16 kg)
50 american swings
50 goblet squat
50 thrusters
50 goblet squat

10 burpees penalty if you let go of the KB.

I dropped the KB after the last goblet squats. Angry and disappointed. Finished in third place total. Can I say that i missed pull-ups and MU-ups? 🙂

But it was a nice day and after a few hours I was back on track and happy again. It was really nice to team with Anna! She put in a great effort into the WOD´s and was in a great mood all the time!
Today my legs are on fire! Feels really stiff and today I will work out with a olympic lifting coach!


IMG_0683 IMG_0694

Friday! Weekend :)

Guess what I just tried? 21097m of rowing! 🙂 I did not know what to expect but I wanted to know how they (the Crossfit Games athletes) felt both during the row and afterwards. I guessed before the row that my lower back would hurt and then my ass. But no, that was totally wrong. After 6km it started to hurt on the inside of both knees (never felt that one before), and then my right hip flexors also gave me a call after another 3 km. Wrong hip, I use to have problem with my left hip. Noting that bothered me so it was just to keep on rowing. Right now I feel tired but no muscle pain. Will be interesting to see how this will feel tomorrow!Patricia Row

This weekend I will go to Helsingborg to compete in a team race with Anna Fernette – the battle of the beach! It will be fun and I´m excited to see what they will challenge us with at the beach!

Yesterday I had cleans in my program, when I´m working out alone I try to film my lifts to I can look at them afterwards. I went up to 90kg and it felt great, but then afterward I see that I have some trouble getting my hip forward. So more hip extension for me!

Have a great day! Time to work for me!