The Frontline 2013 and a rant in swedish about AAS, wild accusations and amazing performances.


 Monday morning! The day after The Frontline 2013. My hands are hurting and I really don’t know how to hold the phone in a comfortable grip. And I know that working in plastic gloves is not really my thing either but I just have to do it. When competing in a sport that often kills your hands that´s the price you have to pay.

On The Frontline 2013, they didn´t hold back on the weights or the skills or the condition! I loved it and I really enjoyed to compete in a team as well! Camilla and I really complete each other. She is great in the gymnastic skills and I love lifting heavy things. She has the cardio and I can push myself to the limit when I have to.

And now I’ll quickly run through the workouts and my thoughts:
Started with event 1:
Time cap: 10 min
5 rounds for time
6 Hang Squat Clean Thruster 40kg
8 Burpees
10 Kb snatch 24kg

I always have a crappy start at the first event and I think I need to see a psychiatrist to figure this out.

Event two:
Time cap: 16 min
For time
2 rounds of
10 Clean and Jerks 65kg
30 T2B

2 rounds of
10 Power snatch 45kg
30 Pistols

2 rounds of
10 Overhead Squat 45kg
30 Kb Swing 32kg

Heavy swings. Never done those 32kg kettle bell swings before but it was ok. Totally smoked underarms!

Event 3.
Time cap: 22 min
Snatch and Clean Ladder
Score= Combined weight
lifted of both athletes

67,5 in power snatch it’s a ok results.
100kg in the clean ladder. A misunderstanding between me and the judge so I didn’t go heavier. We thought the time or the attempts were out. Otherwise I would have tried 105kg. Crap!

Event 4.
C2B 30 Pull up
100 D.U
16 Squat snatch 45kg
C2B 25 Pull up
100 D.U
18 STOA 50kg
C2B 20 Pull up
100 D.U
20 Back Squat 80kg

Heavy full squat snatch. Camilla was supposed to do the gymnastic. Went well the first lap. Then she got a bad sensation on her shoulder and hade to take it a little bit easier. She started to coach me to keep on going. I did the best I could of the situation and so did she! I really wanted to do the back squatting  at 80kg but after my crappy c2bs the time went out. First competition with heavy back squatting and I didn’t get a chance to go at them. Also crap!!

Event 5:
IMG_09456 minutes to find max jerk
Weight is the score
6 minutes to run 1.2 k

We were a worn out team. We talked and I let Camilla know that whatever happens we don’t give up. We go out, I do my best and she does her best at the things she can do considering her shoulder, then we see how long it takes us. Camilla did strict presses without shoulder pain. I took the chance to set a dream PR in jerk-100kg!
Running – sucks!
Went out in full speed. Nothing to hold back. Went well until we had to turn around. The judge pointed in a circle direction and I thought he meant around the corner – not around himself! I lost my first place to 3 other teams and ran 10m in the wrong direction. Camilla caught up with me and took me in full speed to the finish line.

Event 6
2 Deadlift 105kg
10 Headstand to handstandwalk
10 Bar M.U
2 Deadlift 125kg
10m headstand to handstandwalk
10 Bar MU
2 Deadlift 145kg
10 Headstand to handstanwalk
10 Bar MUDSC00277

I thought this was the last event. Heavy deadlifts!!!! Headstand to handstand and bar muscle up!
Camilla killed the handstands – I took on the deadlifts and then the barMU that I was supposed to do. I had a goal to do at least 10 before the time cap. I did 26 of those! Talk about proving yourself this was a big step in right direction for me!

Will we go to the finals?!

Event 7 – final!

30 powercleans at 70kg for time.
BAAM! I love powercleans! The first 11 reps unbroken. Camilla steps in and lets me rest for some reps and then I ended it. Killed it. Won it!
2 min rest.
30 mu for time.
My hands were hurting.
Started doing it in sets of 3.
Camilla did 2 and I did 3 and we kept on working together.
21 reps – second place.
100 thrusters for time at 35kg.
Close your eyes – take it easy!
10 reps bam – 10 reps bam 10 reps bam. And so on! When we went up to 60 and I needed a break. I did 5 Camilla did 10. It never felt so good doing thrusters! We raced over the finish line first.
Second place total!

Great program, great challenges and great athletes!

And now a rant in swedish about AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroids), wild accusations and amazing performances:
Vaknade denna måndagsmorgon – träningsvärken i axlarna övre delen av ryggen och höger fot är påtaglig. Benen är ok. Går in på fb. Möts av ett blogginlägg som redan då fått stor uppmärksamhet och som skapar diskussion – bra! Läser det. Skingrar tankarna och känner mig träffad.

Att vila eller hoppa över en WOD för att inte skada sig är helt taktiskt riktigt enligt min mening. Vi som tävlar är så pass medvetna om våra kroppar och kan utstå enorma mängder träningsvärk och smärta utan att ens blinka. Jag tycker det är imponerande när en atlet har kommit så pass långt i sin kroppskännedom och känsla för sitt eget bästa att kunna inse att denna inte är övermänsklig, att det är ok att pausar, det kommer komma fler tillfällen och jag kommer nästkommande vecka kunna träna, fortsätta utvecklas och inte ligga på sjukhus, behöva vara sjukskriven eller berätta för barnbarnen att när jag var 23 år då skadade jag mig så pass illa att jag blev tvungen att sluta. Det är för mig imponerande lika så som att klara av att köra hela vägen in i mål!

Sen till punkt två. BARA FÖR ATT DU HAR STORA LÅR OCH MUSKLER PÅ KROPPEN SOM KVINNA ANVÄNDER DU INTE AAS! så, då fick jag den aggressionen ur kroppen!

Det kanske är så att otaliga timmars träning har gett resultat och inte kommer ifrån AAS! Att säga att smal och slank betyder icke dopad är som att ge alla tjejer som kämpat timmar för att bygga muskler en stämpel rakt i pannan och bjuda på ångest och raka vägen in i uppgivenhet. Det är inte AAS som skapat formen på dessa tjejer. Det är timmar och år som byggt upp styrka och tro mig jag/de är jävligt stolta över det!

Mina tankar kommer ifrån detta inlägg.

Tack till Nordic Showdown som tagit saken i egna händer och kommer ha dopingkontroll på plats, då slipper vilda diskussion och spekulationer förekomma. Ser fram emot en bra tävling!

PS. Det var 70kg power clean inte 80, det var en team wod – inte dela på allt, det var skapa den bästa situationen av det teamet har.

Keep on going!


Awesomeness! It’s Friday. And it’s competition weekend. Frontline Malmö here we go! And who are we? I told you yesterday I didn’t have a team-mate anymore but after a bunch of emailing yesterday it all turned out to the very best and let me present: Camilla Salomonsson my new team buddy! Yeah! Let us kick some ass and show the world how to become a team in 2 days – no warm up/preparations needed!

I was up early this morning for packing so I hope I got everything sorted. Now I’m on my way to work – have to take care of some patients and hold my friday afternoon class encouraging others to get strong before going to Malmö!

See u all there!

IMG_0866Xo / P


Read the program Strenius, read it twice before working out!
Yesterdays running session:
A. Easy 1-Mile Warm-Up Run
B. Ten sets of:
Run 90 seconds @ 70-75%
Run 30 seconds @ 85-90%
I took my running clothes and a watch and started running. First let me explain, in Sweden we use the metric system, and on top of that we usually say “1 mil” instead of 10 km. That is my excuse of this mistake, so after 20 minutes and just a few kilometers (that’s a few/1.6) miles I realised my mistake. Well that had to be considered enough of a warm up.
And then B – Now let’s see: 90s fast and 30 slow? – Yes it must have been something like that. Started to speed up – 90s…jeeees. This one will kill me. 30s slower. 90s – SPEEEED! 30s slooooow. Over and over again. Came back to work, totally fucked up…


The AM program yesterday:
Eight sets of:
Tempo Front Squat @ 31X1 + Front Squat
Rest 2-3 minutes
Three rounds for time of:
10 Power Cleans (135/95 lb)
20 Barbell Weighted Walking Lunges (135/95 lb)
30 Pull-Ups
Rest exactly 3 minutes, and then . . .
Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 Meters
30 Kettlebell Swings (32/24 kg

And then the bad news. No frontline as it looks right now. I don’t have a team mate 🙁 due to an injured knee she can’t compete. That’s a real shame, I was really looking forward to the event this weekend. But you have to listen to your body and I know how hard that can be and I know it was a hard decision to make! I hope you get better soon Emma!

NS 2013 and squats…

Good morning!

Just put the fifth batch in the washing machine and went for an intervall run, nice autumn weather here so it was just a pleasure. Invictus program news is two extra running sessions each week. We will see if I have time to keep up with those!


My legs are starting to feel from yesterdays workout:
Started with a nice complex of snatch deadlift-snatch pull – power snatch and squat snatch! Really nice and it feels like I’m in progress. The back squat was back in the program and it was heavy after a week with deload.
5 reps @ 120kg
3 reps @ 127kg
1 rep @ 130
10 reps @ 95kg * 3 set.

Qualified to the Nordic Show Down competition i Stockholm 19-20 of October. This will be fun!        I foretell a buy in on every WOD with 10 burpees 20 “normal” swings and 40 air squats? Am I right?!

Hope we will see a deadlift ladder or a clean and jerk ladder or a pure clean ladder!!

4 days until frontline!

Now time for todays second workout before work!

// P

Cross your fingers!

Thanx to NS qualifier WODs 2013. You have tested my cardio, and it sucks! Did the NS 13.3 yesterday. Not good at all and I hope that even if I will place myself far away from the top I will have my place at the NS 2013. 2012 I was placed in the first heat and it al turned out well anyway so let’s cross our fingers.


Comments after: I’m to heavy for burpees! I hate crossfit it’s so silly, I will go back to a normal gym.

And the best one: please can I throw this kettlebell at a car on the way home?

On my way to work, happy about that it is Friday! I hope I have energy to do a workout session after work.

Over and out. Have a nice day!
/ P

Bonsai tree – anyone?

Ok, I have a problem!

A not so CrossFit problem but I accept the challenge! My mum have under 5 years been taken care of mine Bonsai tree. So here I am a monday night googling “bonsai tree, how to take care of Bonsai and so on”. Haha, this is just so not me! But she gave it back, and i kind of wanted it but I have no “green fingers”! This will be interesting. And I don´t know if I want to give you a picture of it, because I just read on the internet how to cut it, we will see how this end.

Now I will try to do some more important things this monday night!

Sleep well! / P

This is how it feels…

The circle of life

This girl is a happy girl:

Patricia regionals 2013This is how I see myself often, this is the girl I want to be. Full of energy, a smile, a goal and love. Love to family, boyfriend, friends and patients. Energy for everyday living and working out. Smile to other people – that will give  them energy and more willpower to create themselves and also more energy to myself. Make your own goals and live up to them, that feeling is amazing – I promise you! This is a text I was writing before moving to Karlskrona – now three months later life feels good and things are falling into place, but I’m not done, I will never be.

The circle of life – Give and take.

NS 13.2 is in the books. I´m happy about my performance and I think I will qualify to the competition in Stockholm. But there is one more workout to do before I can take that one for granted.

Patricia Kalmar 2013

And taking something for granted you are never supposed to do.

During the workout I had some really trouble with my blood pressure the last two minutes of this WOD. It was just so low, everything was black and my balance was just out of control. I used to feel that in heavy single (one RM) lifting but not in WOD´s.

But I have to give credit to great programing and I had a lot of fun!

Tomorrow I will be back on track with the Invictus program! Morning session before work and I´m in the writing moment looking forward to it.

Hope you all had a great weekend!



Kalmar. Time for NS 13.2 and maybe a workout session afterwards, if there is some time. Hade to
take the bus. So now I’m early, spending some time at a cafe and just relaxing and drinking coffee!


It feels strange that I this week only managed to do 2 workouts sessions. But I was in bed at 9 a clock yesterday and slept like a baby! Woke up 5 am! I hope this rest will be positive for me. But I really don’t feel like I have to rest from working out. I just haven’t prioritized the time.

Two weeks until frontline! Am
I ready? Who knows…

// P


Nordic show down 13.2:

Dear blog. My life is a little upside down at the moment. Working a lot, moving and having no time over for working out. The last 6 days I only had time for one workout session. Not good at all, my stress hormones are sky high and I’m not feeling well at all. So I have to turn this around now! I’m free this weekend and really looking forward to do Ns 13.2.

Hade some time over this afternoon at work so I took a run! Lovely, it takes so little to feel back on track!

Had a question in my mail this week a about being too tall for crossfit? He was 188cm and wondered if he was too tall? And he also thought that my length was optimal for crossfitting – 163cm. Can you be to tall? I really don’t think that can be a problem.

The positive of being short:
– explosive
– more muscles in a small area.
– I can wear high heel without getting higher than my boyfriend.
– I don’t have to lift the weights so high each time around, that makes each rep quicker because the distance is shorter for me.
– I also have a lot of fat in a small area.
– I can’t see so much in a big crowd.
– the wall ball line is far, far away.
– the box in box jumps is also always high.
– you look weird in long socks!
haha. take it with a pinch of salt!
I will get back on track! Frontline is closing up and it will be so much fun!

NS 13.2 – I will kick your ass!