Stort tack till holistics produlter BCAA, reds och proteinpulver som de två senaste dagarna räddat mig i kritiska lägen!


Igår väntade jag på bussen i 1,5h. Normalt!? Nej jag tycker inte det är helt okej. Vart less som fan och tänkte ge upp träningen. Mötte upp Christopher som snällt ställde upp och coachade mig genom ett pass! – kände mig som en ny människa efter!!
Nu väntar jag på bussen igen (japp den är sen) och jag har Idag hunnit tränar två pass.
Clean vila 10s mellan varje.
Kändes riktigt bra, squat clean hela vägen.
5 rep 105
3 rep 120
1 rep 130
1 rep 135
2 rep 130
Nja. Inte samma tryck som innan, min explosivitet var frånvarande.
6min amrap
3 clean 60kg
6 box hopp
9 chest to bar
5 varv plus 3 clean.
4 min amrap
2 jerk 60kg
4 burpee box jump
6 pull-ups
3 varv plus 1 burpee

Höll på att göra en mästerligt snygg vurpa över boxen – klarade mig med en osmidig manöver.

Lunch med mamma och sen följde hon med som draghjälp (på cykel) på en 7km jogg/intervall löpning. Så skönt med sällskap och kvalitetstid! Tack mamma!

Nu då? Jodå, dags för rullstolsdans och lite tv-spel! Kvalitetstid 🙂

Ha en trevlig kväll där ute!
/ P


Hemma från en bra helg i Stockholm, just nu påväg till jobbet. Hoppas på att hitta lite tid för att ut och springa en runda. Måste sätta fart på denna kropp igen! En veckas medioker träning (förutom i lördags).

Stockholm bjöd på vänner, shopping, träning och en utekväll. Jag lider fortfarande av ont i fötterna efter partyskorna 🙂 magen lider med fortfarande lite av konstant ätande ute. Magvärk 2.0 igår eftermiddag och kväll :/ men det känns bättre idag! Back to basic!

/ P


Oh man. Detta stressande hit och dit. Och vet ni va det värsta är? Det är när någon annan ser till att jag får stressa. Att jag får ändra om mina planer för någon annans vilja och önskan!

Ska bli skönt med en helg i Stockholm.

Någon har rökt innan de satte sig på bussen idag, luktar äckligt. Tur jag konstant är täppt i näsan, luktar säkert värre för de andra.

Åt godis och kaffe till frukost. Snabb energi va det här!. Kommer inte bli så bra framåt lunchtid 🙂 är inne i ett dåligt ekorrehjul igen. Tre träningspass denna veckan. Kommer inte hinna träna idag heller. Jävla skit.

Är det kallt i Stockholm? Kan ha glömt detaljen tjockare jacka.

Hade du semester i sommar? Grattis! Dags att plocka fram energin ni fick nu då.

Bittra fredagshälsningar / P

Today’s workout.

Half of the week done! Soon back to Stockholm again and this weekend I will have some time over to hang out with some friends!! I will watch the crossfit invitational on Saturday night..that’s for sure!

Today’s workout session:
20 + strict muscle ups. Felt so good today!! Made them in pairs of two and managed to do one with three reps also!

Build up to a heavy jerk.
85kg. Still not in the game. My right foot hurts a little bit.

12min every minute on the minute:
6 push press 35kg
8 pull ups
10 kb swing.
Uh. Made everything unbroken until round 6. Had to give myself some more time and added 30 extra seconds to each round.

Good night!



Not really back in the game… But good enough!
Recovery workout yesterday, a lot of stretch and mobility. No pain in the body today. Feels good!

Spend a lot of time in the apartment today…trying to make it clean and get the furnitures in right place. Took a hour of and went down to the gym to squat with the boys.
5 rep at -112,5kg
3rep at – 127,5kg
1 rep at 130
3 rep at 130*3 set
Naa, not so explosive today.

3 rounds of
20 burpees
6 squat clean 61kg
12 t2b
30 double under

Relax take it easy.. I will be back tomorrow!

/ P


It’s time to shut the fuck up!


If not on the bus I’m writing when sitting in the car…no I’m not the driver! We are heading home driving all night…Playing wordfeud with my babe and eating candy mixed up with peanut butter. Rough weekend but a great competition!

Nordic showdown showed some really good love to the crossfit community and held a really entertaining competition!

How did it go tho? I finished in 7th place. Not so happy about that, but I’ll come to accept it. For the first time I started a competition great, I was in 2 place before event 4. I won the first event, finished in 10th place in the second (a comment about that you will see further down in this post). Finished in tied first place in workout 3. If you don’t know about the workouts you can see them and my comments about them in a older blog post here.

I don’t want to waste more time thinking about what happened at the last event on day one I will just say it didn’t go as planned. Lost a lot of points and then I was back on square one, climbing back to the top… I reached my goal to go to the final – that’s as always a great feeling!1381379_534447659962933_636544886_n

There was a lot of great athletes on the ladies starting field and I’m happy to feel like I’m one of them and I still wonder what it is in the water in Iceland?  Such great athletes, so impressive and so gorgeous! And I also have to mention the winner Christine Holte – you are my new idol! Great competitor and a skill and will lady with some extra power!! Congrats to you!

For me, it’s time to shut the fuck up and make those burpees and gymnastic bar movements!That is my biggest takeaway from all of this, if I want to make it I have to work on my weaknesses as well.

I didn’t get my 100kg clean and jerk. But I’ve got 95kg.


I didn’t get a wall ball in the second event but I got an average score. Let me tell you the story: I went from the muscle ups and was ready to pick up my ball the second they called out go….but there was no ball on my spot. My judge looked maybe even more confused than me. I’m more of a aggressive outgoing athlete. Punched my hand at the rig and looked at my coach in the crowd he just said “calm down”. 5 seconds left on the workout I got a ball to my place and managed to do 2 reps. (Note to the staff: It takes 10s more to run through the movements, then both the athlete and the judge will see that everything is in order and in right place.)

I did do 12 unbroken chest to bar pull-ups.
I did do 3 sets of 4 bar muscle ups unbroken.
I did carried a 140kg rack 60+ meters.
I did have fun and I learned something new!

But hey, there is always a little bit more to give!

Burpee show off coming up peeps! I know my boyfriend is really looking forward to that.. Not. Good morning!

/ P

fuck cancer!

Yesterday I read something that made me freeze, you know when the hair on your arms are rising and everything is getting cold!

I know how much you love your sport and how you have been fighting back and forward and always found a new way back on to the tracks! You are truly inspiration and the joy you are showing when working out and competing I will take with me this weekend!! I will compete with happiness and in your spirit! You are surrounded with love and you will come back stronger than ever! –Fuck Cancer


Take care of each other and yourself! Live with fire and do the things you love in life.

/ P

Two days to go…

On my way home from work with the bus a wednesday night when writing this…. A lot to do in the clinic today, my forearms are killed.

Started the day with 5 round of:

400m run
10 deadlifts at 103kg
20 cheast to bar
400m run.
5 min rest between set. Did all the deadlifts unbroken. Felt good but the running took my breath away 🙂


Practiced handstand walk, went well. But how will it be when I get a little nervous? I really don’t have any expectations on my placement. I want to go to the final, that’s all and I will do my best!

Rough weekend for me. Have to empty my apartment in Stockholm and then I have my Chiropractor graduation party on Saturday night. I haven’t yet decided how how to manage it all…. I will be late I’ll miss dinner, but I really want to meet up with all the old friends. This is the worst thing about being so into a sport. I always have to choose. I want both!!! How many times do you graduate!? But I’m scared that I will be tired and disappointed on my results if I go. And I’m also scared that I will be disappointed if I don’t go on my own graduation party.

Tomorrow I maybe will try some of the workouts. Rest Day Friday (a 500km car drive). Looking forward to meeting everyone at the arena!

Xo / P

Nordic showdown – bring it on!


Today the main events for NS 2013 was released. Read them once when eating my breakfast. Thoughts: This looks ok, some new things. Glad I´ve done some candlestick exercises 🙂


Situps to boxjump? Here we can talk about the feeling of a turtle that is lying on it’s back… Clumsy is my middle name.

Went to work, hade som patient and now lunch. Read the workouts once again.

New thoughts: This will be really fun!!


I will run through them:

Skärmavbild 2013-10-14 kl. 13.00.00

OH, will i get my 100kg clean and jerk? please, thats all I want..nothing more, nothing less 🙂


Skärmavbild 2013-10-14 kl. 13.00.08

This one will be fun!  50s isnt a long time. So  I’ll just have to work through them.

Skärmavbild 2013-10-14 kl. 13.00.14

I think this one will get nasty as hell. Would have liked to have the mens RX as our RX 🙂

Skärmavbild 2013-10-14 kl. 13.00.21

Just one thought: get through it, do it, and never repeat it.

Skärmavbild 2013-10-14 kl. 13.00.28

Tactic.. How much weight can I have at the barbell and do it over and over again? And if I read the rules right. I can power snatch it. Hallelulia.

Skärmavbild 2013-10-14 kl. 13.00.35

If it wasn’t for those c2b, burbees and the rowing…..this will be fun!

Skärmavbild 2013-10-14 kl. 13.00.46

And I just love it! 


See U in Stockholm / P