May the WODs be ever in your favor!

Or in mine soon we are there. Open 14.1! Love this time of the year, waking up early in the morning, make a cup of coffe and stream the announcement of reebok Crossfit open 14.


Went up early this morning 05:00 to do session one. (Went to sleep 21:30) . Over head squats,

deadlifts and t2b. Work. Session two; shuttle runs, c2b, clean, front squats and more shuttle runs. FOAM ROLLER!

Tomorrow it’s rest day! Work schedule 07:30-21:00. So morning run it will be! So time for the spring to give me a call – I miss u!

Feeling in better and better shape every day! That’s good! 20140225-202250.jpg

Time to sleep. /P

New PR! Love it :)

Thursday morning workout together with Louise and Christopher! We are going to have a crossfit camp in Karlskrona this weekend so I am in great company this weekend 🙂

Todays workout:
Handstand practice.

5*1 clean and jerk 102,5kg:

RX grace 43kg. First time I did this as RX, so we can call that a PR. total time: 1:53.

Second workout is coming up after work!

10 rep knäböj 07:00!?

Tidig morgon… Eller rättare sagt tidig morgon för ryck och tunga knäböj. 06:00 är min kropp inte jätte sugen på ryck, inte ens knäböj. Låg i sängen och dividerade med mig själv, dubbelpass ikväll? Kanske kan sluta tidigare? vad hade Charlotte Kalla gjort? haha. Tog två sekunder ut ur sängen och så vart jag up and running 🙂

En inspirationshelg när den är som bäst, skidor, stafett, hockey. Dam som herr! OS-guld Värmer gott i ett idrottshjärta!

Körde dagens pass, gick bra efter förutsättningarna. Hungrig så att jag mådde illa efter passet :/ men nu så, en frukost senare så är det riktigt bra!

Avverkade 3*10 reps backsquat idag. 115kg blev det. Skulle varit tyngre men kändes ändå som en okej vikt vid denna tidpunkt.

Ser fram emot kvällens pass!
/ P

Mentally speaking…

Can you feel it? The 2014 Crossfit season will soon begin. Open 2014. Are you like me? In this season of the year trying to convince your voice in your head that everything will turn out good. That you have been working out hard and it’s time to let the open test you, accept that you have done you best and be satisfied with your achievements so far? Trying to convince myself, talk in positive words and I won’t let anyone else try to break that promise I’ve done to myself with some scary negative words or just a sad face.

You are awake and trying to figure out a good workout to the open, picking all the things you are good at. And boom! You got it, you are done and it’s good really good! Great feeling, keep that one! Keep it close and let that feeling start you up in the morning. Because you will be a better you if you finish this! Never stop just keep on moving.

Gearing up? Getting excited? Relax. You are in good shape. The only thing that matters is your words to your self, let them be positive and have a good time!

Am I faster? Stronger? Better?

Rest day / P

Don’t eat the bar!

Such a good time here in Stockholm! Friday was all about hanging around with some coworkers, eating good food and walking around the city. Took a chocolate and wine testing in the bubble pool and tested the hotel gym with 20 pull-ups 😉

Woke up Saturday morning and felt a little slow and lack of sleep. I think we can call It a food hangover!
Went up and got a loot of coffe for breakfast! Went of to Crossfit Nordic to train with Numi and Lukas!

Such a great place and great people to work out with. Just the mentality is getting me closer to the goal and we are 2,5 week away from open. Toady we did backsquat and a lot of hang power clean and jerks and a taste of DT. Everything felt good and I got a taste of the barbell!


Sunday today, just hanging around. Started the day at Crossfit Tegen and got a good snatch and jerk lesson with Mika!


I miss Stockholm and everything around it! So good that I’m not done with my life yet. So much more to do 😉

a strong girl…

that needs some more cardio 🙂

At the moment: cooking food, preparing meals, uploading you tube movies and writing a blog post. Yes, I’m definitely a girl!

Here we go, a update on my work out days…and I’m really having a good time at the moment. A lot on energy a lot of happiness and I just love to do my training.


Session 1

A. Hang Squat Snatch 7 x 2 @ 70-80%. Worked up to 55kg.
B. Squat Snatch 3-5 set x 1 rep, @80-90%. Worked up to 60kg.
C. Back Squat 3 x 6-8 reps, @ 80-85%, Tempo 10X1. 100kg.
D. Back Squat 3 x 1 rep, Go heavy-ish, Tempo 5(10)X. 80kg.

(5 sec down, 10 sec pause, explosive up)

Session 2

A. 4 Rounds for time – 1st round 10 reps, 2nd 7 reps …
10/7/5/3 STOH – 40/50/60/70kg
10/7/5/3 Burpees
10/7/5/3 Power Clean – 40/50/60/70kg
10/7/5/3 Toes to bar
10/7/5/3 Clean and Jerk – 40/50/60/70kg
10/7/5/3 Box Jumps 50cm

total time: 11:16

B. 4 Rounds for time:
4 Muscle-ups, 4/4 pistols

total time: 3:49min

Session 1

A. Deadlift 3 x 8 reps @75-80% Tempo 20X1. 120kg

B. Bar Complex

@ 70-75% 1RM Push Jerk – 1 rep every 30 seconds for 8 minutes – 70kg.

Power Clean – Front Squat – STOH – Back Squat – STOH

Session 2

A. 3 Rounds for time:

20 Unbroken Wall Balls 14 lbs to 3,05cm, 50 Double-unders, 10 Box Jumps 50cm

total time: 8+. Too many no-reps!

B. 3 Rounds for time:

12 toes to bar,  12 HSPU

total time: 4:12min

The dead lifts felt just so good and I really wanted to try to go heavy and se what was in me, so i tried my last PR weight 170kg. And yes, it´s still there:

Good night / P

Anger management corse anyone?

Skärmavbild 2014-02-04 kl. 10.03.45
This is how you think it looks!
This is the fact!

Angry management corse anyone? Is it just me that get high blood pressure, stress and the feeling of unhappiness when doing laundry!? I just hate it… was in the laundry room for two weeks ago and one of the washing machines was broken. Did I report that problem….? no, I thought that for once someone else can do that….I hope that the next one get just as mad as me.. bad thinking. Today it was the same problem. But i also think that the one that you report the error to has some kind of spam filter on my email adress..

But hey, I´m up and running. I will soon go and do my first workout for today and I think that I will warm up with a small run, It´s beautiful weather outside! I can se the sun!! That wasn’t yesterday for sure.

Tonight we will have a workout recap!

Have a nice day / P