Reebok Crossfit games 2014!

I feel honored to be in place to watch those amazing athletes go beast mode! The venue is really good and all people here are just so much Crossfit. You know everyone is cheering to the last person is over the finish line or until the time is out, everyone is wearing almost lesser clothes than on the beach and everyone use the same brand. Sect or community, I couldn’t care less the environment over here is hard to put in to words!


Togheter with my traveling mates I’ve made a list. The best of Reebok Crossfit games 2014:
1. Europe/Sweden. The boys and girls out on the field put Sweden and the European region on the map!

2. Sweden will be known as a country where we are amazingly good at dragging and pulling heavy and weird things over a field.

3. It’s all started out on the beach, nearly naked crossfitters!


4. Over head squat: Björk hits a new PR and I lost my voice.

5. Thursday, masters; Carl Dyall and Jessica Clevenvik, it was a honor to watch. Most of those masters performed like we all want to be able to do. Hat off!

6. Friday. Heavy deadlifts, I think some girls hit a + 200kg! OMFG. Everything seems possible and Camille leblanc-bazinet is going all in on those pull-ups, chest to bars and bar muscle ups!

7. Saturday: Ficher from Crossfit Invictus is taking a home run on that clean ladder! That little body is a real power house!
Lukas Högberg performed a amazingly strong zercher squat at the clean ladder when the bar felt out his hands.

8. Sunday. The feeling in the arena. The unknown! The final!
Sore hands were climbing ropes and tired bodys were performing a double Grace in times that normal people do one Grace at.


9. That five year old kid showing off with a speed rope with 4000 spectators! He gave me goose bumps.

10. Dave Castro as a speaker, he is doing this event so good!

12. The sun (this one is coming from me). It’s hot, sweaty and less clothes.

13. They are offering a WOD every day at the venue! DT and Elizabeth got their as kicked by this crew:

14. Paleo food and beer!

15. Best print on a t-shirt: “turning up is my cardio”.

16. The twerking thing is something we all have to learn if you want to dance on the floor during pauses.

Glad I don’t have a video blog. My voice is out. Now we are heading to San Diego and later on to San Francisco.
Thanks to Crossfit Rodendro for hosting us on your morning classes!


Music suggestions?

Their is something special with riding a train in the middle of the summer. Especially when it’s hot outside. The heat inside the train, no air condition, a lot of people, sweat (worse than the gym), happiness. We are all going somewhere. Home or away.

I’m going away, or home. I don’t know what to call it. But I want it to be home and it will be sooner or later – Stockholm.

But right now I’m heading to Eskilstuna, meeting up with a friend and to do some work out. Then tomorrow I will land in Stockholm! It will be so nice. This is my first more then one week vacation!!
I will try to enjoy every single day and I hope that I will meet a lot of both familiar faces and new!

Workouts then? I promised Christopher that our trip to the US won’t be just workouts all the time but I think that we will make some time to visit some boxes and smash some weights!

I have one problem, their is too many hours on that airplane and I’m starting to get tired of my work out playlist! So maybe you can help me out? Send me your best workout beats and I will put them in a list!

Xo / P

Semesterlängtan och clean and jerk.

God kväll!
Tv-kväll hemma hos familjen strenius. Ligger raklång i soffan och längtar till onsdag, fredag och lördag.
Destination Tone (Olofström?), Eskilstuna, Stockholm och los Angeles. Semester!!! Fast först på fredag, fyra dagar kvar! Snart jobbat 16 dagar i sträck, tränat och haft pass. Fy fan vad jag är värd att vara ledig i mer än en vecka!

Idag har det varit måndag, sån jäkla måndag.. Började med att häll ut en kopp kaffe över ett par vita byxor innan arbetsdagen började, sen så hade jag fått med mig ett par nycklar som jag inte alls skulle ha och så toppade jag dagen med att glömma äta lunch så jag fick sätta mig och äta mitt under träningspasset :). Just det, sprang visst för kort med på dagens metcon. Jäkla Miles hit och kilometer dit. 20140714-213648-77808923.jpg

Men nuså, raklång i soffan är jag trygg och kommer somna ovaggad ikväll!

Dagens pass:
3RM Clean, frontsquat jerk (skulle vara split jerk men den va som bortblåst idag) byggde upp till 95kg:

Snatch deadlift, high hang snatch, snatch. Vi håller det så.

Halting clean deadlift 115kg


Back squat
6reps @120kg
1rep @ 125kg
6reps @ 120kg
1 rep @ 132,5kg
6reps @ 120kg
1 rep @ 140kg
Bra tryck I kroppen!

3km rodd
300 dubble unders
3km löpning (ska vara 4,8)
Tid 34;50.
Regnigt men en riktigt rolig workout!
Tack Tobbe för sällskapet!


Over and out / P

Workout..s. A lot of training.

Good evening!
A lovely weekend is coming up. I see a lot of vacations updates right now on my fb feed! Two weeks work left for me and then I will take off to Stockholm and after that LA! Oh, it will be so cool and so nice to travel. Long time since last time.
Anyone that have some suggestions (except from the crossfit games) to see or do in LA, San Diego and San Francisco?
I have never been up in the air for that long. I don’t have any problem with airplanes but my “restless legs” will maybe have some problem to keep still for so long time 🙂 Need to start packing my bag already now I think 🙂 What do I need to bring?
Want to get a new pair of sunglasses before we leave and some more tanks. Went to the store today to buy some new makeup… met a really good seller and I think she saw that I felt lost in there!

The past weeks has been really good. Filled with workouts and I have a lot of time to spend in the box! Sometimes too much…We really need to get a couch down to the box so I have somewhere to sleep between my sessions! The AbMat is starting to get quiet uncomfortable..

Me and Björk after a track running session last weekend.

From today:

But there is one thing that happens when you (I) start to work out more frequently…the energy levels is getting lower and lower. That is, if you don’t rest and eat. I have been eating too little I think. It started two days ago I felt so tired and lost after my second workout session. Got home and it felt like I could eat the whole kitchen. Ate a lot and felt much better yesterday.
But today… after two workout session it felt like I was supposed to faint any time. That wasn’t fun at all. I´m glad I took myself over the door step and in to the kitchen. Couldn’t speak to anyone, got food and water and then I crawled down to the floor and fall a sleep. Mom woke me up and gave me coconut water and some milk. Went to the store and bought some resorb.. Felt much better. Wake up Strenius. You can’t make a day with a lot of practice without a proper lunch!!

So they said it will be nice weather in Sweden this weekend! I think it´s time for a inlines session tomorrow!!
Xoxo /P