September 8th, 2013

Saturday night stats: tired, a feeling of a cold in my nose and muscle pain in my…wait for it: thumbs after 13.1 nordic show down. Nowhere else, I could have gone harder on it, but right there and then I did´t.

I have decided that I will not have that kind of anxiety  I had before the Regionals qualification. NO more! I will be happy about my performance and I will not be that sad and stressed girl I was that period. So now we will just see how this will end up! I know we will see a barbell somewhere in the program? :)

I don’t have a cold, I had a feeling of cold right now for 4 weeks. I really try not to use my nose spray! Had an addiction to that one before so I just don’t need more of that thing, it´s just that it´s so nice, sweet, good, calming, relaxing, stop headache pain and wonderful! :)

On a completely different note – we got an apartment!!! So nice and we will move in next week! So lovely. Right now we really need to buy a bed and a couch :)

have a nice day / P