Anger management corse anyone?

February 4th, 2014

Skärmavbild 2014-02-04 kl. 10.03.45

This is how you think it looks!


This is the fact!

Angry management corse anyone? Is it just me that get high blood pressure, stress and the feeling of unhappiness when doing laundry!? I just hate it… was in the laundry room for two weeks ago and one of the washing machines was broken. Did I report that problem….? no, I thought that for once someone else can do that….I hope that the next one get just as mad as me.. bad thinking. Today it was the same problem. But i also think that the one that you report the error to has some kind of spam filter on my email adress..

But hey, I´m up and running. I will soon go and do my first workout for today and I think that I will warm up with a small run, It´s beautiful weather outside! I can se the sun!! That wasn’t yesterday for sure.

Tonight we will have a workout recap!

Have a nice day / P