Carry on!

September 4th, 2013

I had a 1,5 hours massage session yesterday! Felt like someone drove over my scapula with a car! It was painful but I totally needed it! Felt really smooth in the squat position afterwards but I also had some trouble controlling my muscles. Wasn’t in the mode at all for working out but it was a lot of gymnastic and I need that so I forced myself to go for it.

Some days I’m really proud of myself working out! Even if I’m tired, have a lots of excuses I nowadays always complete my sessions. You know that you feel so much better after!
I know it’s a hard time to motivate yourself to go to the gym or box sometimes. But it’s no one else that’s going to do that PR for you, or give you whatever your goal is. It’s YOU. 90 % of the time I’m working out all alone. I’m not whining, I can do that because I do it for myself.
carry on!

Tomorrow it´s time to do the 13.1 Nordic show down workout! Who is with me? Will it be 8 10 or maybe more rounds?

6 Toes to bar
8 burpees
10 Wall Balls 7kg
12 Kettlebell swing 16kg


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