Caught With my hand in the cookie jar..

June 10th, 2014

Suddenly I was just standing there….I really don’t know why but I was supposed to read a book and take a nap after my workout session but instead I found myself open my mum and dads “secret” candy storage :) picking and eating. After a while I was just like what the fuck?! I wasn’t even in need for it. I actually laugh at my self and put it al in and took a nap. Fuck. I sleep so bad at the night. Trying to go to bed my normal time but I’m just turning round and round in bed. Until 1 a clock, then I fall asleep. And then up at 6. That’s really not me! I love to sleep early and wake up early. Yesterday I tried everything I know, mindfulness, breathing, reading, movie, even my old study papers…but no. So I blame my sugar craving on lack of sleep and my female weekly disorder. Yhe, weekly. My body must hate me right now. I will maybe have to run tonight, maybe that can make me sleep.

So to the training:
I did a 80kg power snatch yesterday, personal record! High five!!! And then I think it did a pretty good high box jump, around 110cm. Pretty good for my short legs..
Finished the workout with DT at 50kg (rx). Time: 6:02. Started out fast but then I couldn’t keep up.

Today was a lot of handstand push-ups in different ways, and rowing. Hold your breath now…this ident positive. F**k rowing!
Wanted to go sub 8min on the 2k row but missed it with 2s, and that isn’t even close to what I want to be. Need to get more used to the pain (lactic acid).

I have muscle sourness in my biceps…. Need to get those in shape to Venice beach so I can biceps curl in a squat rack.

Rest day tomorrow! 12h work day. But shit are starting to get real.

Xoxo / P