Don’t eat the bar!

February 9th, 2014

Such a good time here in Stockholm! Friday was all about hanging around with some coworkers, eating good food and walking around the city. Took a chocolate and wine testing in the bubble pool and tested the hotel gym with 20 pull-ups 😉

Woke up Saturday morning and felt a little slow and lack of sleep. I think we can call It a food hangover!
Went up and got a loot of coffe for breakfast! Went of to Crossfit Nordic to train with Numi and Lukas!

Such a great place and great people to work out with. Just the mentality is getting me closer to the goal and we are 2,5 week away from open. Toady we did backsquat and a lot of hang power clean and jerks and a taste of DT. Everything felt good and I got a taste of the barbell!


Sunday today, just hanging around. Started the day at Crossfit Tegen and got a good snatch and jerk lesson with Mika!


I miss Stockholm and everything around it! So good that I’m not done with my life yet. So much more to do 😉

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