don´t lead me in to temptation

July 29th, 2013

I can walk there all by myself!

I´m trying to get myself together after a wonderful weekend in Stockholm! I´m so tired and out of all routine. I have to get better at traveling and leaving my comfort zone. All those late nights, ok I fell asleep sitting at 1:30, but then you should know that I usually go to sleep at 22:00.

Can´t we just agree that Europe is pretty amazing and kicked some ass at the Crossfit Games?

But next year, couldn’t you just find a stadium in Stockholm or London or something? Then I don´t have to stay up all night and count the clock backwards and forwards? :) And maybe I won’t have to travel so far to compete in the Crossfit Games 2014?

Sam Briggs!! Thanks for bringing the first place to Europe! You rocked and kicked some ass!! Someday I will be a mix of you and Lindsey Valenzuela :)

 Crossfit Games Europe Regionals 2013

So what have we learned from watching the Games?

1. Go swim!
2. Practise more handstand walk.
3. Run faster!
4. Run more!
5. Lift more!

Never give up, even if the clock is ticking down, the weights feels heavy and you stand in front of a new challenge. It´s all up to you to go hard or go home.