favorite WOD?

June 27th, 2013

Did i read rest-day? Oh, i saw it some were there in the programming. REST-DAY!

My body i soure. My legs feels like concrete and they really need to get some active rest! I want to go for a swim today. But the weather is not so good so I think that would be cold. I think I’ll probably take my bicycle today and go for a ride and afterwards I’ll have to stretch!

Yesterday I did front squats, cleans, clean pulls and a metcon with three rounds for time: 30 KB swings and 20 chest to bar. I liked this one. When I left the gym, (not a box – i nowadays do my workouts in a gym) I felt that I did my best and that my body really responded to my workout. Do you want to start to crossfit, read this one!

Time to do one of those borings things you have to do in life, paperwork!

Lift heavy!