Friday! Weekend :)

August 2nd, 2013

Guess what I just tried? 21097m of rowing! :) I did not know what to expect but I wanted to know how they (the Crossfit Games athletes) felt both during the row and afterwards. I guessed before the row that my lower back would hurt and then my ass. But no, that was totally wrong. After 6km it started to hurt on the inside of both knees (never felt that one before), and then my right hip flexors also gave me a call after another 3 km. Wrong hip, I use to have problem with my left hip. Noting that bothered me so it was just to keep on rowing. Right now I feel tired but no muscle pain. Will be interesting to see how this will feel tomorrow!Patricia Row

This weekend I will go to Helsingborg to compete in a team race with Anna Fernette – the battle of the beach! It will be fun and I´m excited to see what they will challenge us with at the beach!

Yesterday I had cleans in my program, when I´m working out alone I try to film my lifts to I can look at them afterwards. I went up to 90kg and it felt great, but then afterward I see that I have some trouble getting my hip forward. So more hip extension for me!

Have a great day! Time to work for me!



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