Girls camp Helsingborg!

November 1st, 2013

On my way to Helsingborg. Girls camp 2013 is coming up. The time is running away, I think it was 3 months or more since Joakim asked if I wanted to be one of the coaches at the camp! This will be so fun, a lot of girls that wants to learn how to lift weights and to build their body in a functional way!

We have been discussing indoor walking a lot at the kitchen table at home…and, and, no I dont want to take it further than that.

So, on my way… planning and reading a little bit about different lifting skills – you are never done with teaching knew things! I had a free day from work today and I feel rested. Woke up,did some work at home and then off to the gym.
Today it was no metcon on the programing, only heavy lifting. Warmed up more than I use to. Did some short sprinting (40m) and explosive jumping exercises, mobilized and then I took of.

Todays one RM snatch:
Todays one RM clean:
110 kg (PR)
Todays one RM front squat:
130kg (PR)



In the beginning of this week my back squat sucked and now this? Felt just so great and the cleans was just so easy… haha, first I wanted to go higher, but then the devil (or the angel) on my shoulder told me that myweights that I´m supposed to have later on in the program will be too heavy if I PR more. Stupid thoughts!
So I stopped – it´s more fun to do PR´s more often :)

Had a core and mobilize session yesterday – must have that more often also. So much things to practise. I want more time!

Now I´m looking forward to meet all the girls and kick some ass with Louise tonight at Crossfit Helsingborg. A bird told me that Seven is coming up as a challange tonight?

See u!