Girls going beast mode!

November 3rd, 2013

It’s fun to coach…they said. And yes indeed, it is!


On my way home from northernspirit girls camp. Nice weekend with a lot of new inspiration and true happiness! I love when I see those focused eyes in people, when you see how badly they want to succeed in something! It can be in anything but it’s in just that moment I want to give them everything just to make it!
I’m not a perfect coach and I have a lot to learn in that area but I’m good at the things I do and I try to give the inspiration and the willpower I have when I do something!
You have inspired me too!
Calm songs in my earphones. Trying to relax. Just some me-time before starting a new week! What will it bring for me and to you?

Foto: ├ůsa Lempert

I will end this by a citation that Sarah said:
“You just have to take that fucking barbell from the flor and over your head – then you can look good and be a sweet little princess”

Friday night we had a Seven challenge. Seven is a WODin crossfit with:
Seven round of:
7 handstand push ups
7 thrusters (42,5kg)
7 knees to elbow
7 deadlifts
7 burpees
7 kettle bell swing 24kg
7 pull-ups
Total time: 24;40s.

20min AMRAP
4 muscle up
6 handstand push-ups
12 kettlebell swing (24kg)
6 rounds total. (Do I have to say that I was dead already in my shoulders from yesterday).
Have a nice Sunday night!