gymnastic rings

July 10th, 2013

Good morning! Rise and shine! Rise and lift heavy! Rise and…go to work, rise and help people feel better!

I have finally got my pair of gymnastic rings!  I haven´t done a real muscle up for 2 weeks! It´s just so fun and challenging and I really have to keep up on my ring training as much as I can! This rings is from crossgym, we had the same pair of rings at Crossfit Södra Station, and I love the grip on those! I´m so glad that I have a pair of my one now! Now I just need to find a place to hang them and then I will do muscelups and ring dips!

Gymnastic rings!

Right now I´m having breakfast before a half day at work! Today I will go to Crossfit Kalmar to get the box feeling again and hopefully do a great work out session with the guys and girls there! Todays program is as follows from Invictus:

Workout of the Day
Front Squat
*Set 1 – 3 reps @ 75%
*Set 2 – 2 reps @ 80%
*Set 3 – 1 rep @ 85%
*Set 4 – 3 reps @ 80%
*Set 5 – 2 reps @ 85%
*Set 6 – 1 rep @ 90%
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.
Five sets of:
Hang Clean + Front Squat + Clean
Rest as needed
Three sets of:
Halting Clean Deadlift + Clean Pull
Rest 2-3 minutes
Perform one halting clean deadlift, return the weight to the floor, and then perform a clean pull. On the halting clean deadlift, focus on weight distribution through the mid-foot (not forefooot), engagement of hamstrings, and strong lats pulling/stabilizing the barbell into the mid-thigh. Hold in position until you acknowledge all of those points.
For time:
500 meter row
30 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
50 Double Unders
20 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
40 Double Unders
10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
30 Double Unders
/ P