Hard work pays of….

July 15th, 2013

In the beginning of this year I did my first list for my goalds this year… now half way through it look like this:

clean – 2012: 95kg now: 100kg goal: (110kg)
jerk – 2012: 87,5kg now: 95kg goal: (100kg)
clean & jerk – 2012: 85kg now: (95kg) – done!
back squat – 2012: 135kg now: 140kg goal: (150kg)
front squat – 2012: 110kg now: 125kg goal: (120kg) done!!
Over head squat – 2012: 65kg now: did a three rep @ (75 kg). done!
squat snatch  – 2012: 60kg now: 65kg. goal: (75kg)
dead lift – 2012: 155kg now: ? goal: (170kg)
bench press – 2012: 85kg now: 87,5kg goal: (90kg)

crossfit kalmar