Snatch thoughts…

August 20th, 2013

I hate that fucking snatch lifting thing. I hate it so much that i sometimes want to throw the barbell out of the window, out of my life… naaaa, that was a lie! But today!

Todays workout (Monday):
Every minute of the minute 1 snatch start below knee.
went from 35-55kg.
Snatch-pull 60-60-62,5kg
Front squat with a speed of 4 seconds down. 5 sets * 4 reps. 85kg.
For time:
6 Muscle-Ups
12 Power Cleans 105 lb
16 Front Squats 105 lb
20 Alternating Dumbell Snatches 50 lb
16 Front Squats 105 lb.
12 Power Cleans 105 lb
6 Muscle-Ups
total time: 8:15.

I PR’d my unbroken MU with 6 reps in a row, that is something to be happy about. But that fucking snatch is still in my head and I can’t understand, WHY do i I suck at this lift. oh, mad at myself. But ok, I will keep on working.

It’s 39 days until Frontline, that will be fun!

I will dream about heavy snatch lifting tonight!

Say it, see it, think it, dream it prove it!

/ P

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