How to become a bitch!

August 22nd, 2013

I’m on a bus. Hallelujah. I have some time over to write and to be mad.

This post is about how it is to be a girl/woman working out, the short version.

Do you know how much it sometimes hurts to do burpees with swollen breasts? Do you know where I have bruises? You know that hip that is supposed to hit the barbell? When the hipbone doesn’t take that hit there is another part of my body that does. And the burpees? Throw yourself down on the ground with a body full of girly hormones and it feels like you will explode.

I’m getting filled up with water, have a stomach that doesn’t want to play game. And try to do 100 chest to bars when you weight in 2 days increased with 3kg.

This is me, on a rest day, on my way to work with a PMS you don’t want to meet alone when it doesn’t go my way so please don’t no rep me today!IMG_0752

Have a great day!

// P