I survived a cold!!

August 26th, 2013

For once in life, I listened to my body when I during Friday had some kind of weird feeling in my nose.I rested from working out Friday and then on Saturday I felt the same so I rest that day to. Today after a wonderful day with just hanging out with an old friend I feel really good and in good mode to go all in next week! I haven’t done like this before, I ALWAYS workout! But this feels really good! So bring it on the Invictus programing!!

Oh, I missed my dear friend Ervin (Tone). Always something to talk about. But it´s a sad moment when you are saying goodby and say: see you in a half year? :( Sad, but true… I love you!


I was looking on at an apartment in Karlskrona today, and I really hope that we can get this one! I really hope so!!

So much fun, and I miss to hang hanging out with my friends and boyfriend! But now, it looks likes everything is coming together.

Hope you had a nice Sunday!

// P