I want that one!

July 18th, 2013

I want to buy a lot of new things!! Don’t go online and look at clothes, shoes or crossfit!
So instead of a to do list, here is an “I want list”:

  1. a pair of high-heeled nike shoes.
  2. a simple summer dress.
  3. a pair of OLY shoes.
  4. a pair of running shoes.
  5. new work clothes
  6. a wall ball.
  7. a kettlebell.
  8. tickets and a trip to the crossfit games.
  9. a car.
  10. new bed.
  11. a 20kg bar
  12. 150kg in weight plates.
  13. a pull-up bar.
  14. maybe a apartment (quiet nice @ mum and dads place).

OK, I had a rest day today. Had a lot to think about. New day tomorrow!

Clean and Jerk 80kg.

Clean and Jerk 80kg.

/ P