If the bar ain´t bending…

June 2nd, 2014

Your just pretending!

Started this day with a 6km run with my sister, went of to the old apartment to leave the keys and then of to a hell of a work day.. The local traffic is not working as normal so a little bit late to work and more late home from work. Headache…long time no see…but then it was just there. At the same time i felt like a little girl jumping up and down and giggling: Heavy back squat at the program :)

But no jumping, my head didn’t like that. So i took a nap at the bus and then went to the box. There was a bunch of familiar faces and everyone was in good mode so I started to warm up, tried to not feel anything. Was supposed to try snatch as well today but that didn’t work at all for my head so I went for one thing. And it turned out to go pretty well, even though I feel that its a lot more in this body to give. So let´s start this season in a good mood!



Skärmavbild 2014-06-02 kl. 22.12.31

Finished as 105 among al the individual women at the regionals.

And then all regionals are done! I haven’t followed them day and night but I’ve seen some of them and now I just can’t wait to see those amazing athletes at the reebok crossfit games in July!! Now time to cure this headache with some sleep!