It´s Friday!

January 31st, 2014

Träna nu, Patricia Strenius

New Crossfit journal “Träna nu”

Sweet Friday morning! I just made myself a cup of coffee at work and now I’m studying worm up exercises and writing a core program!

It has been a good week and I hope this weekend will be just as good. I don’t know if I have miss calculate this but dose the Swedish song contest start tomorrow already? Or have I got that one totally wrong? I’m not that one that have to see those program but are we really in that time of the year now?

It´s a lot of snow in south of Sweden. I like it a little, but it´s also really windy and thats not cool at all.


Finally I have a pair of lifting shoes again!

Okey, now we have been talking about typical Swedish things. The “song contest, my daily job and the weather” over and out.

The training? It has been a great week. Im feeling both strong and also a little bit better in my mobility. Baby steps. I think I still have to do some more (a lot more) mobility and handstand..f* handstand.

Yesterday I learned that it´s not good to do bad thrusters on easy weights (or heavy). Leaned forward on the most of my repetitions and because of that I had muscle spasm in my lower back the rest of the workout. Big no no! It was gone this morning, so now it´s ok again!

Yesterdays Wod:

Session 1

A. Practice for 10-20 min: Free Hand stand push up to hand stand walk
B. 4-6 Strict HSPU + 4-6 Kipping HSPU x 4 set (rest max 2 min)
C. “OTM” 8 min: 6 TnG Box Jumps 60cm + 4/4 Pistols
D. 20 Muscle-ups for time

Total time: 3:50.

 Session 2

A. 30 minute AMRAP of:
A1. Jackie(ish)
2k Row
50 Thrusters 20kg
30 Pull-ups

– then –

A2. “Karabell”
10 rounds
3 Power Snatches 40kg
15 Wall Ball 14 lbs to 3.05cm

– then –
A3. AMRAP of “Cindy” in the remaining 30 minutes (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats)

Result: 3 rounds Cindy.


Have a nice Friday aka. Fredagsfys! / P