It´s the small goals that makes the difference!

August 29th, 2013

Yesterday I had a wonderful morning session all by myself. The PR´s was raining in and it felt so great and I was in good mood!

I sometimes write down my goals and sometime I just keep them in my head! One that I had in my mind for a long time is that I during one workout session would break the 100kg – magical barrier in two types of lifting! And finally, yesterday it just was there!

Started with 8 sets of 2 reps clean:
80,85,90,92,5,95,97,5,100,102,5kg. Oh my, i broke my PR with 2,5kg and I did it twice! And I squat cleaned it! What a feeling!
This is a video of my clean from yesterday and the other one from when I started out 1.5 years ago. Progress!

Then we had the squats:
4 resp @ 112,5 kg
3 reps @ 120 kg
2 reps @ 127,5 kg
1 rep @ 135 kg
As many reps as possible @ 120kg managed to do 11 reps. (PR)

4 round of:
15 chest to bar
20 jump over box
25 Kettle bell swing @ 25 kg.
First round I did 15 chest to bar unbroken (PR)
And then i split them into 10/5.

Finished my day with working on the clinic and had some patient, followed up with a pulse and strength class!
Rest day today, maybe some water gymnastic or swimming?

// P

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