It’s time to shut the fuck up!

October 21st, 2013


If not on the bus I’m writing when sitting in the car…no I’m not the driver! We are heading home driving all night…Playing wordfeud with my babe and eating candy mixed up with peanut butter. Rough weekend but a great competition!

Nordic showdown showed some really good love to the crossfit community and held a really entertaining competition!

How did it go tho? I finished in 7th place. Not so happy about that, but I’ll come to accept it. For the first time I started a competition great, I was in 2 place before event 4. I won the first event, finished in 10th place in the second (a comment about that you will see further down in this post). Finished in tied first place in workout 3. If you don’t know about the workouts you can see them and my comments about them in a older blog post here.

I don’t want to waste more time thinking about what happened at the last event on day one I will just say it didn’t go as planned. Lost a lot of points and then I was back on square one, climbing back to the top… I reached my goal to go to the final – that’s as always a great feeling!1381379_534447659962933_636544886_n

There was a lot of great athletes on the ladies starting field and I’m happy to feel like I’m one of them and I still wonder what it is in the water in Iceland? ┬áSuch great athletes, so impressive and so gorgeous! And I also have to mention the winner Christine Holte – you are my new idol! Great competitor and a skill and will lady with some extra power!! Congrats to you!

For me, it’s time to shut the fuck up and make those burpees and gymnastic bar movements!That is my biggest takeaway from all of this, if I want to make it I have to work on my weaknesses as well.

I didn’t get my 100kg clean and jerk. But I’ve got 95kg.


I didn’t get a wall ball in the second event but I got an average score. Let me tell you the story: I went from the muscle ups and was ready to pick up my ball the second they called out go….but there was no ball on my spot. My judge looked maybe even more confused than me. I’m more of a aggressive outgoing athlete. Punched my hand at the rig and looked at my coach in the crowd he just said “calm down”. 5 seconds left on the workout I got a ball to my place and managed to do 2 reps. (Note to the staff: It takes 10s more to run through the movements, then both the athlete and the judge will see that everything is in order and in right place.)

I did do 12 unbroken chest to bar pull-ups.
I did do 3 sets of 4 bar muscle ups unbroken.
I did carried a 140kg rack 60+ meters.
I did have fun and I learned something new!

But hey, there is always a little bit more to give!

Burpee show off coming up peeps! I know my boyfriend is really looking forward to that.. Not. Good morning!

/ P