May the WODs be ever in your favor!

February 25th, 2014

Or in mine soon we are there. Open 14.1! Love this time of the year, waking up early in the morning, make a cup of coffe and stream the announcement of reebok Crossfit open 14.


Went up early this morning 05:00 to do session one. (Went to sleep 21:30) . Over head squats,

deadlifts and t2b. Work. Session two; shuttle runs, c2b, clean, front squats and more shuttle runs. FOAM ROLLER!

Tomorrow it’s rest day! Work schedule 07:30-21:00. So morning run it will be! So time for the spring to give me a call – I miss u!

Feeling in better and better shape every day! That’s good! 20140225-202250.jpg

Time to sleep. /P

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