Meet me at the bar!

November 6th, 2013

We have all been fighting with strength training, everything is taking time and is not always fun. I’m on my way to work. Just had a boring workout session all by myself, and really all by myself. An empty gym, just me and the bar. Tried to push myself but…no I was bored. Today I did what I was supposed to do and nothing more.

Warm up:
Bicycle 10min
Stretched and handstand 20min
Front squat:
5 rep @ 92,5kg
3 rep @ 105kg
1 rep @ 117,5kg
5 sets of 5rep @ 97,5kg

5sets of
1 Power snatch (50-62,5kg)
15 dips
Rest 30s between sets

3 sets of
3 snatch pull (70kg)
20 GHD sit-ups

I was thinking about how happy I was last years Friday morning when I got my 110kg clean, and realized that it was “ish” 2 years ago since I did my first clean at 70kg. That’s 40kg progress in 2 years!
I also looked in my todo list for this year (I’m so glad I did one) and I can just say CHECK! On everything excepts the bench-press I have 2,5kg to go before I reach than one!

Have a nice day! / P