Mentally speaking…

February 12th, 2014

Can you feel it? The 2014 Crossfit season will soon begin. Open 2014. Are you like me? In this season of the year trying to convince your voice in your head that everything will turn out good. That you have been working out hard and it’s time to let the open test you, accept that you have done you best and be satisfied with your achievements so far? Trying to convince myself, talk in positive words and I won’t let anyone else try to break that promise I’ve done to myself with some scary negative words or just a sad face.

You are awake and trying to figure out a good workout to the open, picking all the things you are good at. And boom! You got it, you are done and it’s good really good! Great feeling, keep that one! Keep it close and let that feeling start you up in the morning. Because you will be a better you if you finish this! Never stop just keep on moving.

Gearing up? Getting excited? Relax. You are in good shape. The only thing that matters is your words to your self, let them be positive and have a good time!

Am I faster? Stronger? Better?

Rest day / P