MK open 2014, road to regionals 2014

April 29th, 2014

Running in finalHere we go!! Im sitting at the balcony right now, this must be the meaning of life – muscle sourness and sun!

 I will soon reload and take myself down to the box for a workout or two before I
go to work, the thing is just that after this epic weekend with a
bunch of endorfines and adrenaline I have a hard time to go and
workout all by myself :) Maybe the crowd can come and visit just for a
short while? But hey, no one else will do the dirty job for you! You have to do it! So the PWO will soon go down.
MK open 2014: My first time at this competition. It was a great
arrangement  – big applauds!!!
It didn’t start out so well for me, I got something bad in my stomach
two days before and had to puke a whole night and didn’t eat for 12h.
So saturday morning I got some oatmeal into my stomach and then we
wear supposed to run 1km uphill and downhill. I was in lack of energy
and for the record I’m not a good runner anyway. Finished in 30th place
overall in this one…uphill
Event 2 was Fran. You all know her! I finish first overall and the
time was good! Weird feeling when the pull-ups are going easier then
the thrusters.
Event 3 and 4 was a max clean and jerk followed by a chipper. I clean
and jerked 97,5kg. Was supposed to go for 100 but the bar didn’t allow
me to put that weight on, if I did so I would have to re-load the
starting weight for the next event. But hey, I finished first in the
third event anyway.
Event 4, fuck those fucking burpees! 30 burpee over bar – 15 OHS  – 5 Muscle up (5min AMRAP). I did 5 unbroken MU – nailed it! And then back to the burpees. The speaker said 20s left…and then 3.2.1 TIME! But was it 20s left or was it 1min and 20s? Linnea?? I don’t know – do you? I finished in second place, and if someone has a movie on my sad face when the speaker realized that it was 1min and 20s left i would love to see it!
Event 5. Toes to bar, deadlifts and kettlebell burpees. Love
deadlifts, hate toes to bar. Finished in second place over all.
Event 6 (final). Loved every moment of it. I felt so freaking strong,
it was like me and the barbell had an really close relationship…and that’s true,
we are hanging out quiet much nowadays <3. Finished in first place in the final.
FINALmålgång final
Finished in second place over all, and I blame it all on that uphill
running thing. Congrats to Linnea for winning MK open 2014, you did
great and its an honor to have you in our Northern Spirit team!!


Had a rest day yesterday, but i pushed the limit of rest just a bit :) Played 1,5


hours floorball. So much fun!! Woke up today and they had released the
2014 regionals day one events…. Now lets se. Hang snatch and
handstand walk… So I think I will start this years Regionals with climbing
myself up to the top again!
The second event of the Regionals is more my event. 150 pistols – yheeee! Let those quads show ’em al!
Over and out peeps. The sun is shining and nothing can take away a
wonderful feeling!
FOTO: Mikael Svärdh