morning session – stretch!

January 24th, 2014

It was me and the foam roller today this early friday morning at work! Im glad that my foam roller is one of those soft ones today. My muscles feels in good shape but why in the fucking hell can’t I sit properly in a good squat position with my arms over my head? Am I lacking some core muscles or is the answer just so easy that I’m to stiff? Hate it, google it – mWOD here I come. Yoga this Sunday and a hell of a massage is planed on Tuesday!

Yesterday I squat cleaned 100kg*2, touch and go. So wake me up whenever and I will clean 100kg. Feels like a good weight now!

Now I just have to learn how to jerk it properly! Im longing for the Eleiko lifting camp with the NS team!

So good to have a box in Karlskrona! I have from day to day always someone to work out with! It makes a huge different when you have someone with you that says small things. Yesterday I was closed to skip the rowing. But then a comment like “now you do it, it´s just losers who don´t” made me put my ass on that rower.

So friday morning, some work to do and then off to a nice workout! Also have some har decision to do… what color am I supposed to have on my new lifting shoes?

/ P

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