morning session…

January 27th, 2014

okay, i can tell that I’m not so strong when working out early…but what about the stamina? That would be ok at a morning session? Started the morning with a pre work out and then off to the box. Did some rehab work with my hip flexors and noticed that my ankle pain was gone, 75min yoga focusing on hips seems to do something right for your body!!

And then the workout:

A. “OTM” 10 min: 2 Power Snatch + 4 OHS (45kg)

B. “Every 30 sec” for 10 min: 1 Power Clean + 2 TnG Deadlift (70kg)

C. 2 Rounds of: 60 sec Squat Clean 40kg, 30 sec Double-unders, 60sec Wall balls 14lbs to 3.05m

Rest10 min.

D. 2 Rounds of: 60sec KB swings 24kg, 30 sek Shuttle runs, 60sec Row

Rest 10 min.

E. 2 Rounds of: 60sec Thrusters 30kg, 30sec Box Jumps 50cm, 60 sec Burpees

I cheated a little with the rest, did´t have the time for 10min, so I took five. Hope that was ok :)

Lunch is down, having a break at work and looking forward to session two of the day.

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