July 17th, 2013

I have been in a really good mood with my training, everything is going well and I look forward to my training sessions every morning when I wake up! That feeling is great!
Today I hade the same feeling in the morning but when I got to the gym I had lost it. I did my workout and everything went well but it was not that fun. But it´sa day like this you afterward must cheer yourself. It’s on a day like this that you have to give yourself a clap on the back and encourage yourslef onwards. I put in som extra effort and finished the workout as planned.
This is one of the boring parts with working out alone. No one is pushing you during the sessions, no one to arrange the workput sessions with, to plan and prepare for the workout. In some strange way, preparing for the workout is part of the fun. And it’s always more fun when you’re a crowd.. I’m the only one that can decide when to workout and how hard I want to go at it.

But, maybe a bigger question is: What results are you struggling for? If you have your goal set up in front of you then at least you have a destination. Knowing where you’re going helps to get you through the hard workouts, the boring workouts, the difficult workouts or as today the workouts that you just have to get through.

But it also helps to have other plans! And tonight (Monday) I will go to a concert with my sister and a friend! It´s a nice summer day and it will be fun to do something else!

Have a great day!