Music suggestions?

July 18th, 2014

Their is something special with riding a train in the middle of the summer. Especially when it’s hot outside. The heat inside the train, no air condition, a lot of people, sweat (worse than the gym), happiness. We are all going somewhere. Home or away.

I’m going away, or home. I don’t know what to call it. But I want it to be home and it will be sooner or later – Stockholm.

But right now I’m heading to Eskilstuna, meeting up with a friend and to do some work out. Then tomorrow I will land in Stockholm! It will be so nice. This is my first more then one week vacation!!
I will try to enjoy every single day and I hope that I will meet a lot of both familiar faces and new!

Workouts then? I promised Christopher that our trip to the US won’t be just workouts all the time but I think that we will make some time to visit some boxes and smash some weights!

I have one problem, their is too many hours on that airplane and I’m starting to get tired of my work out playlist! So maybe you can help me out? Send me your best workout beats and I will put them in a list!

Xo / P