My legs hurts!

June 18th, 2014

Good morning – been awake since 4 a clock. I don’t know if I like it or not but I got a lot of stuff done early, that’s for sure.

Midsummer week, looking forward to Friday and to a long weekend.
Right now my legs is killing me.. Started this week with heavy thrusters and a chipper that I’ve done before and like a lot if I do it In training. If I would have to compete in a workout like this I would be scared, because you can’t stop and you really have to pace yourself all the time.. But also that one of the fun things.

30 min AMRAP:
1k run
50 thrusters
30 pullups
10 rounds of:
15 wall balls
3 snatch 40kg
The remaining time AMRAP Cindy

I got 9 rounds Cindy, improvement by 6 rounds since last time! And thanks a lot to the gang at the box that joined me at this workout! I let you know when I need someone to push me again!

Woke up yesterday, soared quads and hams. Coached the lunch session at CrossFit Karlskrona and then took of to work. In the evening I was supposed to run 9km, a race called the night mare…. And I did :) it was quiet fun.

First we started with a long uphill running, and then in to the forest, downhill, uphill, more uphill, mud, water, a lot of mud…forest, uphill..and finally a ski-slope. And then 3 rounds for time.. My legs is fucking to heavy! Haha, the breathing felt just fine, but those legs are made for squats and thrusters…nor running long. But I’m glad that I took the chance and that I feel comfortable to do things like this. My final time was 1:00:50.


Looking forward to today’s workout session, tough I took yesterday as a rest day..

Now time to get this day started I’ve got work to do!

Xoxo P