Nordic show down 13.2:

September 11th, 2013

Dear blog. My life is a little upside down at the moment. Working a lot, moving and having no time over for working out. The last 6 days I only had time for one workout session. Not good at all, my stress hormones are sky high and I’m not feeling well at all. So I have to turn this around now! I’m free this weekend and really looking forward to do Ns 13.2.

Hade some time over this afternoon at work so I took a run! Lovely, it takes so little to feel back on track!

Had a question in my mail this week a about being too tall for crossfit? He was 188cm and wondered if he was too tall? And he also thought that my length was optimal for crossfitting – 163cm. Can you be to tall? I really don’t think that can be a problem.

The positive of being short:
– explosive
– more muscles in a small area.
– I can wear high heel without getting higher than my boyfriend.
– I don’t have to lift the weights so high each time around, that makes each rep quicker because the distance is shorter for me.
– I also have a lot of fat in a small area.
– I can’t see so much in a big crowd.
– the wall ball line is far, far away.
– the box in box jumps is also always high.
– you look weird in long socks!
haha. take it with a pinch of salt!
I will get back on track! Frontline is closing up and it will be so much fun!

NS 13.2 – I will kick your ass!