not just an ordinary Friday!

July 26th, 2013

It’s today it all will start! The Crossfit games! The road to the fittest is at its end. Girls and boys going beast mode all weekend. Proving themselves and inspire us others!

I’m looking forward to see the clean and jerk ladder tomorrow and also to look at what pace they will go on at the running on Naughty Nancy! Today’s workout is as follow:

Games 2013 event Friday.

I’m spending my weekend in Stockholm! Went to Crossfit Solid today for some heavy lifting. It all went really good :) finished the workout with 1 back squat every other minute at 130kg.

I also talked a little with Rikard Lanner (Coach at Crossfit Solid), he gave me some good tips, thank you Richard!  I really need to get myself a Olympic lifting coach. So anyone in the south of Sweden or anyone that know someone that can help me. Comment or send an e-mail to

Yesterday I had a rest day! We went kayaking around Kungsholmen! So fun!! And good active rest day. Try new things, it will give you so much in return! Kayaking Stockholm

Have a great crossfit weekend! Watch the fun live here!