NS 2013 and squats…

September 24th, 2013

Good morning!

Just put the fifth batch in the washing machine and went for an intervall run, nice autumn weather here so it was just a pleasure. Invictus program news is two extra running sessions each week. We will see if I have time to keep up with those!



My legs are starting to feel from yesterdays workout:
Started with a nice complex of snatch deadlift-snatch pull – power snatch and squat snatch! Really nice and it feels like I’m in progress. The back squat was back in the program and it was heavy after a week with deload.
5 reps @ 120kg
3 reps @ 127kg
1 rep @ 130
10 reps @ 95kg * 3 set.

Qualified to the Nordic Show Down competition i Stockholm 19-20 of October. This will be fun!        I foretell a buy in on every WOD with 10 burpees 20 “normal” swings and 40 air squats? Am I right?!

Hope we will see a deadlift ladder or a clean and jerk ladder or a pure clean ladder!!

4 days until frontline!

Now time for todays second workout before work!

// P