Open 14.1 and todays workout.

March 4th, 2014

reebok crossfit open 2014 is OPEN!

I will try to only do the open workouts just once. So went to Crossfit Kalmar to do 14.1 with Caroline Fryklund. Their box is just so nice!! I also got a sneak peak on their new local and it look fantastic! Thanx to Caroline and the crew especially Tim that took the time to judge me! 358 reps in total, a ok start! And it feels great to do it together with Caroline, she is great!

Skärmavbild 2014-03-04 kl. 20.52.31

Laugh, lift, love!

Today I started the day early, went for a run before work just to wake up the body. 5k +.

Session two:
Started with the girl “Amanda”
9-7-5 squat snatch / Muscle up. Total time: 6:20.

5*3reps split jerk.

3 reps 90kg:

3 reps 85kg:

3 reps 80kg:

And then some behind neck jerk and overhead squat. 3reps each, 5 set. Finished at 70kg.

EMOM 5 deadlift 120kg, 4 box jumps over. Jesus, lactic acid in my lower back as hell! So round 9 i only did 3 dead lifts and round 10: 4 dead lifts. Still 47 dead lifts at 120kg.

And something else: New personal record in snatch..yheee!

Have a good night!