Peanut butter vs fat boy…

September 1st, 2013

Made my own peanut butter – check! A really good way to try if your mixer can hold what it says. Time cap: 4 min. Total time: 40min.

Updated Solid Open results list 100 times: check! The best of it all is that I feel like I am up for a competition and Frontline is just around the corner. Emma (my team mate) showed that she is in great (I mean super great) shape and It´s just for me to keep up and do my part of the job!

Patricia Kribba

Fell in love with a “fat boy”, okey, this sounds weird. A fat boy is a big bag with a lot of soft materialinside. And me and Chris both made it clear that it´s a great position to play video games in!

Patricia running


Working out?
Saturdays workout was running.
2.4 km (on track) rest until the clock is 16min then run 1,6km then rest until the clock is 28 min then run 800m. Oh lord. Why can´t we just run 1 max of 100m? :)
Really nice afterwards but I have some trouble with going on a high speed for this kind of distance.
Sundayrest day!

Made it to the swimming arena and worked on some crawl technique and just moved around in the water. Not as graceful as it sounds.

Now time to sleep – P


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