Reebok Crossfit games 2014!

July 29th, 2014

I feel honored to be in place to watch those amazing athletes go beast mode! The venue is really good and all people here are just so much Crossfit. You know everyone is cheering to the last person is over the finish line or until the time is out, everyone is wearing almost lesser clothes than on the beach and everyone use the same brand. Sect or community, I couldn’t care less the environment over here is hard to put in to words!


Togheter with my traveling mates I’ve made a list. The best of Reebok Crossfit games 2014:
1. Europe/Sweden. The boys and girls out on the field put Sweden and the European region on the map!

2. Sweden will be known as a country where we are amazingly good at dragging and pulling heavy and weird things over a field.

3. It’s all started out on the beach, nearly naked crossfitters!


4. Over head squat: Björk hits a new PR and I lost my voice.

5. Thursday, masters; Carl Dyall and Jessica Clevenvik, it was a honor to watch. Most of those masters performed like we all want to be able to do. Hat off!

6. Friday. Heavy deadlifts, I think some girls hit a + 200kg! OMFG. Everything seems possible and Camille leblanc-bazinet is going all in on those pull-ups, chest to bars and bar muscle ups!

7. Saturday: Ficher from Crossfit Invictus is taking a home run on that clean ladder! That little body is a real power house!
Lukas Högberg performed a amazingly strong zercher squat at the clean ladder when the bar felt out his hands.

8. Sunday. The feeling in the arena. The unknown! The final!
Sore hands were climbing ropes and tired bodys were performing a double Grace in times that normal people do one Grace at.


9. That five year old kid showing off with a speed rope with 4000 spectators! He gave me goose bumps.

10. Dave Castro as a speaker, he is doing this event so good!

12. The sun (this one is coming from me). It’s hot, sweaty and less clothes.

13. They are offering a WOD every day at the venue! DT and Elizabeth got their as kicked by this crew:

14. Paleo food and beer!

15. Best print on a t-shirt: “turning up is my cardio”.

16. The twerking thing is something we all have to learn if you want to dance on the floor during pauses.

Glad I don’t have a video blog. My voice is out. Now we are heading to San Diego and later on to San Francisco.
Thanks to Crossfit Rodendro for hosting us on your morning classes!


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