Regionals 2014

May 22nd, 2014

regionals 2014.2

It looks like I’m doing weighted pistols? :) Photo: Mikael Svärdh

regionals 2014

Photo: Mikael Svärdh

europa regionals 2014.3

Photo: Helen Willhelmson

European regionals 2014 is over and I finished in 11th place! If i put it in the sentence 11th fittest women in Europe I’m pretty satisfied :)

But with my placement I wanted to be top 10. When I firs saw the events I didn’t feel great, there were a lot of my weakness, but also this are the things that I had been working on and I have improved a lot on movements like rope climbing, handstand walk, squat snatch and pull-ups. After trying the events out I felt a lot better, they were fun and challenging!


Photo: Helen Willhelmson

When coming home sunday night everything feel just so empty. It was quiet and I felt lonely and couldn’t sleep. . what to do now?

This week has just been relaxing, I have started my last period of hospital practice, visited the gym and started to clean out the apartment. Trying to figure out how the next chapter in my life will be..deep, I know. But I have learned so much this year. Europa regionals 2014.2Don’t stress for people that don’t give you something back, take care of myself and the people I like and just try to have so much fun as possible – take a free day! I don’t know how many times a day I get the question: What are you going to do now? Will you move? Where? When? What are you going to do? When are you finished? Can you work? WHATS YOUR PLAN? seriously I don’t fucking know, and I’m quiet satisfied with that, taking one day at the time and just do what I want to do for the moment. I have plans for my training, thats makes me happy and I love it, I love every single minute at the box!

I will end this post to give a high five and a hug to Team Northernspirit for making this a little bit easier! Also a big thanx to Numi for the help with my training programs!!

And a big hug to all of you from crossfit Karlskrona that was cheering and writing a lot of nice thing to me during the weekend!

And to my family – I love you!

regionals 2014.1

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