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August 12th, 2013

It’s not over until it’s done. My Paleo challenge starts today. My eating list will come up tonight.

In Crossfit people often discuss what kind of sports they were in to before. So here is my list from the start.

hated to sport as a child, my mum often tried to trick me in to walk with them or bicycle. But no… I was rather home and when my mum and dad left I start to eating cookies staring out of the window to see when they came back! Haha.. I was a lazy child!

​But ok, I started to play football, wanted to be a goal keeper so I didn’t have to run. But my mum had an opinion on that so that wasn’t a long career. I started to play more out on the field. Maybe at the same time I had to get my frustration out so I started to practice airgun shooting. Yes, that was fun – sitting down on a chair focused! Football started to be fun as well and I was good. I ran fast and after a while I started track and field. So track and field and football was my thing for a long time. I tried handball, basketball (not my thing), Dancing (no coordination), karate (mum thought they had good discipline). For a short while I was dancing and competed in wheelchair dancing, that was fun and a real experience. And then I did a short period of power lifting, I liked it but I got so stressed with the weigh in so I figured out that a classy gym is more of a thing for me! 2 years later I found Crossfit. And that story I can tell you another time.

My mum is wonderful :) and she often reminds me of my non-working out time when I now days turn the house up side down if the gym is closed!

// P

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