Stockholm weekend!

June 7th, 2014

What a lovely weekend in Stockholm – as always! Lovely people.

I wonder who of us that wants to play?


Arrived Friday afternoon, took off to Crossfit Nordic to do my workout and meet a bunch of great people.

Stated with strict ring muscle up:
I did 5.
And then build up to 1 rm close grip bench press – 90kg. That’s a PR! Sweet :)
And then max rep at 85% of 1 rm: 75kg, 5 reps.
Max kipping muscle up*3 set:
8-5-4 reps
And finished with max burpees in 30,60 and 90s. – I suck at counting my reps.

Solid muscle sourness in my pecs today. Woke up and took of to gymgrossistena summer tour. They had a competition “ultimate athlete” and I took a chance to compete so: within 1min do as many reps as possible (no rest): back squat, press and dead lift. For me the weights was set on: back squat 75kg, press: 40kg and dead lift 85kg.


Took a first place in every event and got 107 reps overall! Great stuff and it
was really fun :) it’s always fun to win!


I want to compete more! Next week I will run a 9km race called the nightmare. It will be uphill, forest and water. That will be fun, and it will also be a great workout session for me!

Over and out! /P