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Lovely Holidays and a lot of photos!



Good evening!

I’m having a freaking cold!! And I’m really not in the mode for it at all. All I wanted when coming back from the US was to start my daily workout schedule again! But no, I have a fever. Sweaty as hell today at work so glad I finished early so I could go home and sleep and dream about funny stuffs!

I have so much to tell you!! But I don’t know where to start it all… I started my vacation with going up to Eskilstuna and went to see Jim Gyllenhammar. IMG_2786He gave me the opportunity to start following his lifting (OLY) program and I will try to become a really good lifter this year!! And I really looking forward to start competing!

After that I went to Stockholm and off to LA. You can read about LA and the Reebok Crossfit Games here!


After that we went to San Diego. I really liked that city! Good weather all day. We went to se a baseball match and we tried a standing paddle board.IMG_3008

And we also visited a few boxes like Crossfit Humanity and Crossfit Invictus. I was a little bit star struck when it was CJ Martin at Crossfit Invictus that was coaching the class!IMG_2996IMG_2991

After San Diego me and Chris drove up to San Francisco along Highway One! What a beautiful view and I’m really happy that we did this route! Our first stop was at Santa Barbara and our second stop was in Monterey, where we visited an aquarium. Cool stuff! IMG_3098IMG_3076IMG_3042

Chris was driving and I tried to not sleep so much in the car! Stopped by Crossfit Nor Cal and did a workout before driving in to San Francisco! IMG_3127

It was much colder in San Francisco than I thought it would be. We went with a tourist buss and did some shopping and saw all those amazing hills in the city. Watched the Golden Gate Bridge and there is something special with it!IMG_3136

We got recommended to eat down by the harbor one night so we did. My food was so delicious!!

IMG_3145Chris surprised me and..we got engaged! IMG_3164

The day after we met up with Kristin Holte and Erik at Crossfit Flagship. That box was really cool and just so big!!IMG_3168

Last box stop was at San Francisco Crossfit! I loved that workout session! Back squat and an 20min emom even min: snatch complex. Odd min: 3burpees, 5 c2b and AMRAP pistols.

After that Chris and I went to see Google, Facebook and Apples head quarter…. It was….fun! 🙂

And the we drove out to the Redwood forest, and that one was cool. So quiet and I liked the atmosphere out there.IMG_3191

The day after we were heading home. Spent more time at the airport than necessary but we got upgraded (don’t know how) to business class! I will have a hard time booking an ordinary flight again after that one! IMG_2860

Well at home I went back to Karlskrona.. Just a few more weeks (3) and then I will be in Stockholm for good!! I’m really looking forward to it, to not start all over, but to have many of the things I love most in my life near me!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer! Now i need a diet! IMG_2818

Xoxo / P