The circle of life

September 15th, 2013

This girl is a happy girl:

Patricia regionals 2013This is how I see myself often, this is the girl I want to be. Full of energy, a smile, a goal and love. Love to family, boyfriend, friends and patients. Energy for everyday living and working out. Smile to other people – that will give  them energy and more willpower to create themselves and also more energy to myself. Make your own goals and live up to them, that feeling is amazing – I promise you! This is a text I was writing before moving to Karlskrona – now three months later life feels good and things are falling into place, but I’m not done, I will never be.

The circle of life – Give and take.

NS 13.2 is in the books. I´m happy about my performance and I think I will qualify to the competition in Stockholm. But there is one more workout to do before I can take that one for granted.

Patricia Kalmar 2013

And taking something for granted you are never supposed to do.

During the workout I had some really trouble with my blood pressure the last two minutes of this WOD. It was just so low, everything was black and my balance was just out of control. I used to feel that in heavy single (one RM) lifting but not in WOD´s.

But I have to give credit to great programing and I had a lot of fun!

Tomorrow I will be back on track with the Invictus program! Morning session before work and I´m in the writing moment looking forward to it.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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