Two days to go…

October 17th, 2013

On my way home from work with the bus a wednesday night when writing this…. A lot to do in the clinic today, my forearms are killed.

Started the day with 5 round of:

400m run
10 deadlifts at 103kg
20 cheast to bar
400m run.
5 min rest between set. Did all the deadlifts unbroken. Felt good but the running took my breath away :)


Practiced handstand walk, went well. But how will it be when I get a little nervous? I really don’t have any expectations on my placement. I want to go to the final, that’s all and I will do my best!

Rough weekend for me. Have to empty my apartment in Stockholm and then I have my Chiropractor graduation party on Saturday night. I haven’t yet decided how how to manage it all…. I will be late I’ll miss dinner, but I really want to meet up with all the old friends. This is the worst thing about being so into a sport. I always have to choose. I want both!!! How many times do you graduate!? But I’m scared that I will be tired and disappointed on my results if I go. And I’m also scared that I will be disappointed if I don’t go on my own graduation party.

Tomorrow I maybe will try some of the workouts. Rest Day Friday (a 500km car drive). Looking forward to meeting everyone at the arena!

Xo / P