Weekend in sthlm

May 25th, 2014

Airport, transfer – I don’t want to go “home”. Lovely weekend in Stockholm with my other half and friends! Wine, food and walking around in the city. No workouts… But I did coach a class at Crossfit Nordic :) great box and community! Everyone is in good mood and so focused!



So, a week has gone since regionals. I haven’t done so much at all. Feeling a little bit fat :) haha. Tomorrow I will start work out again! This week I will dedicate to so some girls – if you aren’t a crossfitter the workout is named by girl names so I will try some of those out again! Just to warm up before a test week! Can’t wait to see how much I can back squat :)

And then, it’s soon midsummer, every newspaper will soon print how to loose 5kg in 1 week. I just love it! Just as much as I love those “how to get rid of your back pain tricks”.
So here is my tip:
1. Feel happy. (Ah, oldest trick in the book – fake it at least and then suddenly it’s a real feeling)
2. Start workout now and don’t quit, at least not until next summer (then you will be addictive to it).
3. Don’t drink and eat hamburger every day. (I know, you friends do, and it’s sun outside and it’s just so nice, but what if you instead played sport together)
4. If it’s sun, walk home from work. (No you won’t die)
5. If it’s rain, go to the gym and get sweaty as hell! (You are not supposed to look good during a workout)

I just ate a 620 kcal wrap …. Wtf!? Glad to get back on track tomorrow!

/ P