Why do I need to be good at my double unders?

July 6th, 2013

Sweet summer day here in the south of Sweden! Just been out on the track and ran 800m intervals and 15 burpees and 30 kettlebell swing (24kg) * 4 rounds for time. Me, Chris and my brother did it together and it was just beast mode on!

fam. Strenius

I´m also trying to teach my brother and his daughter to do double unders (DU). And their progress is right now amazing! So what about my double under skills? Maybe you have seen me walking a long way fast with a bar… but do you want to know how it all started in the European regionals:

There is no strait way to success and progress. By failing you always learn something new. I learned that with some nervousness I bend my arms to much and my rope gets to short – you get even more stressed and then it´s just turns into a mess! Thanks to burpeeshopwho sent me a speed rope to try it out and get some practice on my double unders! I did the flight simulator WOD with it 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 unbroken double unders. Time: 10:23. Felt good! The rope was a little bit softer then I´m used to – but it did not hurt so much when failing a rep and that’s really good! In my opinion it´s a rope I wish I had when I started practicing double unders. And the best part of it – you can share it with the little ones!

Freja Burpeeshoppen.se


Have a great day ladies and gents!