Work, working, working out?

March 8th, 2014

On my way home from Crossfit Kalmar. 14.2, not really my type of workout. Woke up with a soared throat yesterday… But I don’t feel so bad in my body. Decided to give it a try today. I’m not so happy about my result, feels like there is some more to give in this body so I will give this one a new try on Monday! Fryklund did great! So impressive c2b :)


It’s spring weather here in Sweden today!!! Took a walk in Kalmar and also a run in shorts!!

When walking there is always to easy to think. What will this spring bring?
We are planing to move back to Stockholm! I’m soon done with my practice and will be a leg. Chiropractor. SOON!! That feeling!
So this is a open question! Do you have a work for me in Stockholm! It can be anything. Have been working as a personal assistance for 7 years, know how to play video games, I love the human body, anatomy and physiology and I’m good with people! I just need a work, so I can work out :)

See you! / P