working class hero!

June 26th, 2013

Eat, work, train, sleep – repeat!

Hey peeps, if you didn’t recognize me it’s ok, I’m new here! My first post in the honor of Northernspirit, working hard to make all this possible! Thanx for picking me to be a part of this amazing crew. I will do my best to inspire you, the reader, and to tell you about my good and bad days. There will be a lot of training, a little of everyday life and maybe some girly stuff.

Right now I´m living in Karlskrona, a small coastal city in the southern part of Sweden. The town I grew up in and just recently moved back to, trying to find a gym that works for me.  I think it will end up in a weight lifting gym. I haven´t been there yet but the places I have been to is too much of a machine gym feeling and no space to move around. No one drops weights, no one lifts heavy overhead or takes their shirts off –  But that’s what I do, well, except dropping weights!


I nowadays try to keep up with the Invictus programing. Had a test week last week and now we are into some heavy lifting and moderate metcons. Stats right now is leg pain, arm pain and tired. Good pain, working class hero pain!

Have a great day!